Faux Fur and minky blanket and/or matching lovey blanket:

    -Large minky and faux fur blanket.  Made with super soft and think fur on the back and a smooth wonderful printed name minky on the front.  Measures approximately 35"x35"  (a larger option is available) and you can also get a matching lovey for a great deal.  Perfect to use as decor in the nursery, photo shoots, a play mat or a stroller or car seat blanket.  


Minky stroller blanket:

     - Large and thick blanket.  Measures approximately 32"x36".  Cotton top and plush minky dimple dot fabric on the back.  Best for a  cold weather blanket in a stroller or car seat.  Also is nice for tummy time or to play on the floor.  PERFECT for baby announcements and monthly photos.



Muslin Gauze Swaddle blanket, cover up:

    -  This is one of my favorites.  Super soft and flowy the light weight gauze fabric is perfect for a cover up during feedings or a swaddle or a throw or cover up blanket when out and about.  The blanket measures approximately 35" x 35" and you can order a matching burp cloth which is always convenient.  Both have a very nice binding for a finished edge.


Organic Knit Swaddle:

     - The organic knit is a single layer blanket and feels like a thick stretchy Tshirt.  Measures approximately 29"x32".  Blanket is nicely finished with hand made cotton binding fabric around the edge.  Best for swaddling or a light layer in the stroller or carseat.  Also works to spread out on the floor for playing.  PERFECT for baby announcements and monthly photos.

** The matching personalized knot hats are made out of this fabric.



Fleece Swaddle:

     - Most economical choice.  Thin single layer of lightweight fleece with a very low pile.  Measures approximately 27"x34".  Blanket has a simple raw edge and no binding.  Best for swaddling or a light layer in the stroller or carseat.  Or a small play area spread out on the floor.  PERFECT for baby announcements and monthly photos.  



Little Fluffy Blanket (lovey):

     - Perfect for a take along attachement item and a great size to tote along wherever you may go.  Measures approximately 15"x17".  Babies love the silky satin on the front and the thick fluffy fabric on the back.  The birth stat version makes a great birth announcement photo.